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casimir+ 01/10/2009

Ibanez MTM2 : casimir+'s user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Indonesia.
24 Frets
V7 humbucker in the neck, V8 bridge, the pickups are Ibanez.
Fixed bridge Edge 3 (with the properties of a vibrato bridge when it comes to tuning, without the inconvenience)
Saddle block chords,
1 volume, no dial tone, dial 5 positions
Bolt Wizzard II 5 rooms, maple and walnut, jumbo frets
Mahogany body

I put 9 because the pickups are good but not exceptional, and if the handle was crossing ... but for a guitar of this price should not dream ^ ^ <p class="bbcode-offtopic"> Off topic: <span></span>


The handle is great, access is an acute childhood games, you can even put his fingers between the two microphones ^ ^. At first I was afraid that the varnished grip a little, but not at all, it slides very well.
For weight, you can feel (mahogany forces) but it's far from eccessive.
I love the shape, cutting the stomach is well done, nothing to say it's nickel.
We get easily a good sound I think.

I want to put 10 ...


It is perfect for my style of music, since I play mostly metal (Rammstein, Metallica, Children of Bodom ...), otherwise would be a shame since the signing of Mick Thomson ...
I play with a marshall 10 watt amp, the MG10KK (I would not suggest the passage ^ ^ I already posted a notice on it).
I can get a lot of sounds via the switch 5 position and microphones splitables, beautiful cleans and good saturation. There is something for all tastes.
I love all the sounds I think.
The pickups do their job, we see that are not entry level, but I intend to switch to the EMG 81 later, when I have a good amp.


I use it for about a month.

What I like most: the shape, color, beige thread (I find beautiful), the signature is a little extra for the fans of Slipknot (I'm not one though I like some of their songs), the handle is great, the 5-way switch that makes it versatile, the rope and the bridge blocks that make the tuning holds very well and is more accurate, the sound is good.

What I like least: the fact that the handle is screwed (I chipotte, really there ...), may be the fact that there is a volume knob and no tone, and even ...

I tried a lot of models:
Cort x6,
Ibanez grg170, rgr 321 ex, dx rg 350, rg 321 mh, s. 120,
Ltd ec 50,
Lag Arkane 200md, roxane 100 ®,
I think that's all. Roxane's had a great sound very fat but very little freight. At first I hesitated between rgr 321 ex ec 50 and then I chose this one because I had a big discount (because of defects of varnish that I still have trouble finding).
The vendor has made me a € 450 with an amp, a bag, a strap and a jack, so for me the price / quality ratio is excellent. If not, has just under € 500 is not cheap but it's well worth the finish is beautiful, it's a scratch quality.
I would do without hesitation that choice, I am very satisfied with my guitar.

Overall, I would put a big 9 / 10, I do not know too much or it loses points but perfection does not exist.