Ibanez RG2570E
Ibanez RG2570E
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iamqman 10/11/2011

Ibanez RG2570E : iamqman's user review

« Smmmooth as silk!!! »

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This is a classy looking shredder guitar. Ibanez puts out some great quality low budget guitars for the consumer.The neck on these guitars are very thin and Smitty's. They're not finished and then you can feel the bare wood across your skin. They generally come in two humbucker settings with his volume control knobs and tone control knobs with the pickup selector. There's not a lot of bells and whistles and these guitars and your pretty strip down rock 'n roll guitars.



* Basswood body
* 5-pc Wizard Prestige neck
* Bound rosewood fingerboard
* 24 jumbo frets
* Dimarzio IBZ pickups
* HSH pickup configuration
* Wedge sharktooth inlays
* Edge Pro double-locking bridge
* Master volume control
* Master tone control


This guitar will sound great pretty much any setting of amplifier that you have. So if you had a good high gain amplifier such as a Mesa boogie or Bogner amplifier in your to get some great tones on his guitar. The guitar itself isn't a guitar that's full of tone or soul but it's a good guitar for someone wanting to learn how to play the guitar and needs an instrument that's very budget friendly. So you're not going to walk away playing this guitar feeling like there's a bunch of tone within the wood or the feeling you're going when playing a nice hot-rodded Fender Strat It's a good price for this guitar and is a very extremely fun guitar and it's actually pretty nice guitar to look at well.


Ibanez has shelled out a lot of guitars in their day and this one is a great one. For the money it doesn't get much better than these guitars. You can find them in the used section of classifieds all day long. I recommend this guitar to anyone who need a good simple guitar or something that is meant to be shredded on. These are fun guitars and very comfortable to play.