Ibanez RG570EX
Ibanez RG570EX

RG570EX, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the RG Standard series.

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inside-suicide 07/29/2005

Ibanez RG570EX : inside-suicide's user review


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It is a skyscraper with 2 humbuckers and 1 single (V7, S1, V8) of high-end Ibanez pickups. Super Channel Wizard extra flat. A floyd rose original, not a copy as the new models. A switch 5 pos, 1 vol and Tone (classique. ..). Between jack on the cot. markers on the stick shark teeth. 24 cases. There is really necessary, I do not put 10 as a splitter switch for the pickups would t be welcome.


The handle is vriament flat, you have to like ... if you are habitus to gibson and fenders will make you ca funny at first.
Access to acute is simple thanks to the wide notches, there is not a complaint.
It is vriament slight and that's a good point especially when the set lasts over an hour.


Well you could understand that this is a guitar bourrines. However, it delivers a clear sound worthy of the name. The pickups are a little runny even for a good ibanez, I have changed the DiMarzio Tone Zone and Fred, we see the difference but beware the overall sound of the instrument remains the same (besides, I am absolutely Kefran1703 not agree with the position BEFORE the violin is 80 percent of the sound of the guitar, the pickups are only strengthen the quality level)
I use the microphone for acute rhythmic, although rich in Armona, I choose to lead the fred issuing its really a well-typed and interesting. you will not deu, very good in his big RV versatility. After of course, we must see what you put deriere ... with dual front and a Jim Harley 15W, it will not be made the same ;-)


She agrees facillement kon once took the blow ... and yours well (in any case not need all the regulation of Demond is finishing the floyd)

negative: trs trs trs is fragile and I stress this so watch out! wood is very soft, the protective layer is not worth anything (besides replacing the new models), so a smaller shock will leave a trace ... I paid the price ...
Another negative point ptit painture on the hardware locks.

Good to conclude whether this model can aquérir do not hesitate because it will become an anthology ;-) seen kelle not been manufactured