Ibanez SA160QM [2001-2005]
Ibanez SA160QM [2001-2005]

SA160QM [2001-2005], STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the SA Standard series.

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zetor 04/15/2005

Ibanez SA160QM [2001-2005] : zetor's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Korea
A double micro Ibanez bridge position
2 simple ibanez
22 frets, jumbo frets
1 volume and 1 tone 5-way switch +
I think I handle Saddle


Channel super nice:
fine, smooth, fast (less than a round Jackson but still!)
access to acute very good.
this guitar is very light.
then humbucker, it has a sacred potato! even the micro serious solos is really terrible! there is just one small problem with his microphone twice is too acute, but it does not matter we rule the amp and here we go again!
a really great sound for its price range.


She is very versatile coat the metal as in his clear, it holds up!
I play on a Marshall MG100DFX and I'm really happy with the scraper.
It's a pretty heavy saturation and its very clear crystalline.
I prefer the kind saturation Death, Children Of Bodom, Hammerfall ......
great sound but not so violent.


I use it for a year and I'm really pleased with this guitar!
Report qualitprix excellent.
I do not regret this purchase but I would favor a Jackson RR5 for a more Death.
The SA 160 is really a super scratch especially for a low price!
If you do not have a huge amount (if you have about 400, the choice is really the one to do!)
In short, super scratch for about 400.