Jackson PS2 Dinky
Jackson PS2 Dinky

PS2 Dinky, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Performer series.

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Traps 01/23/2005

Jackson PS2 Dinky : Traps's user review


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"It is a Japanese.
-24 Frets. 2 jackson simple micro and medium in the neck position and a double jackson in the bridge position.
A four-spring vibrato Bridge stratocaster type.
-2 Knob, one volume and one for tone. And a 5 position switch configured like a stratocaster.
Channel Maplet with a touch of rosewood and quite late, perfect for the bar. A perfect ascesibilité in acute and incomparably better now than a Start.
(PS: I compare the stratum for you to make an idea from a model known)


-This depands of what you ask. I like the above, it is perfect for the bars, the solo s'enchene well.
Acute them are easily accessible. Just as for Deniere freight (from 21 to 24) it must be late .. because it is very small but otherwise it is accessed very easily.
-The ergonomics of the model is very very good. Shame that the contours are fairly square, it is somewhat reminiscent of those of the telecaster but better.
Nikel-Audio is set regardless of the chosen micro.


It is quite versatile, but still is extremely effective for hard rock or metal.
-I play two amps of 65W rms Coxx by a preamplifier and amplifier Samick SM25R all filtered through a wah pedal and a Korg multi effects A5. Otherwise it losque that I connected directly to an amp and no effects except the reverb which I appreciate most
-In his clear is critallin and quite cold on some positions and not hesitate to put a little longer than low on the amp, and distortion is sublime, it is very clean and clear.
I-tros default is not to say about this guitar. If you are connected metal and hard rock, it is for you.
(PS: my guitar has more than 10 years. I bought lai 120Euro has a friend who had been used since the 9 years and remained in his greniere all this time. I ca pence although there's a lot in terms of its )


I use it since summer 2004, and is a guitar that he exclente sagit to play "nag" and god knows its happened to me once in a while. The solo has Metalica or otherwise does not scare him, however.
Staff, since that I was more pop-oriented style funk rock, I prefer typed in the fender, but this guitar keeps soupson of a Multipurpose, ca and my well Dépan several times.
In the pass j'au already tried ibanez in the same type, but it has nothing to do, Jackson gives an extra charm of his guitars. For me, the value for money was démenciel (120E), but even at 220E, and if the guitar is in good condition, it's worth it.
Notice to all metal with not necessarily the means to make this a Gibson SG or a Flying V Jackson US .. take that scratching!