Jackson PS2 Dinky
Jackson PS2 Dinky

PS2 Dinky, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Performer series.

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Performer 08/13/2004

Jackson PS2 Dinky : Performer's user review


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Guitar 24 frets, 2 single pickups plus a double knob Volume for volume and with a 5-way switch, handle Alder heuuuuu ... oh yeah mine is transparent green is magnificient and I cry out loud THANK YOU JACKSON!
The lil gem pocde a Floyd Rose type tremolo.
On my MODEL (SERIES performer) found a system that blocked rope very practical for this enpcher dsaccorder any use but I confess a bit boring to change tuning but it's your sentence (I think !!!!!). Makes the United States (I think) BUT has all the air.


So Jackson on PS2 I find a really enjoyable race, trs fast, with a comfortable indniable.
CHAC is simply to childish treble, no problem at this level. This guitar is as enjoyable to play than it is upright when you are seated. Its weight is correct and not too heavy or too lightweight at home gibson sg. His body is not as large as a les paul which is jy difficultsa of play. And finally on its use I would say that the sounds are simple to obtain trs ny it has only one volume for all the microphones not be the most by skyscrapers which there are 2 volumes and we shuffled a bit sy p Dales.


It is true that Jackson is mtal and that at this level if we gat to the Big SONS. But contrary to what we think and what I think also the PS2 Jackson is versatile. I play a little bit of everything and I happen to find a compromise with my trs satisfesan microphones pasent rock to metal. I play on a transistor combo Marshall and I resord good treble that does not break like some good harmonics with APRS for serious eh ben c plain c Jackson is clean and "powerful".


I'm using my Jackson for the past 4 years and really hard adcrocher jai, I tried another guitar, but sometimes better tro CHRE so that with the PS2 I'm really pleased to report quality price. The highest Jackson on I think that's taking the easy manipulated ca ca ca galament simplicity and green transparent but hard enough to find a beauty Ingala. The only thing I could blame may be the attachment of the Lanir is like all the other guitars and then it slides as and unlike ATACHE home gibson c my good is really to find something because Kelk c is of great guitar and I think I m never tire. Cest a guitar really tested.