Jackson DK2S Dinky
Jackson DK2S Dinky

DK2S Dinky, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Pro series.

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the sage 12/08/2008

Jackson DK2S Dinky : the sage's user review


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Pro Series japan
24 cases net race button
seymour seymour TB4 simple sustainiac
floyd under liscence JT580 LP (of good quality on my model)


I have a dj jackson ke3, the handle is a bit rounder, but remains largely as comfortable as my kelly.Elle is light enough and very well equilibre.C is a very good guitar.


It is interesting that the! I will not go around the bush, it scratched the enormous advantage of being extremely versatile and sound in all cas.J 'have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Mount e in SH55, and a jackson kelly and climbs 81 60 Emg two great guitars great for the blues (LP) and metal (kelly) good records and in other well dk2s is simply excellent partout.Des Slayer in the rhythmic funk jazz rock it sends in all situations and all styles (simple thank you mics). In terms of sustainiac, was very useful gadget and departing but we know just master the beast is not ringing terrible.Les Feedback synthetic at all!
We can only love the scratches!


This guitar is the balance of my collection and it is my fender Silverface couple or my 4x12 and my Bugera 6260 envoie.Le price it can be a little elevbr /> especially since it I had readjusted the intonation, but I reselect this model again!!