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Lâg MG 100
Lâg MG 100
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vigoo vigoo
Publié le 06/06/05 à 14:09
Manufactured in Asia (I know what desolated country ... and I have not at hand for the Verifi) but Lag is a French brand, it's been fun.
22 frets, 2 single coil and double easel
ola ...
A volume knob and two tonalitbr /> handle maple, not the type bomb bcp as Fender, who prefer yen.


Handle very pleasant and easy, the strings are ready and handle everything goes nikel, access to acute is easy, not 28, so no problem boxes ...
Stratocaster, classic and effective, not too heavy (one strap has already pt anyway, finally it was the *****)
The sound of the amp depends recess but with all the Possible Settings can always find what you want


I play rock ppere mainly quiet and AC passes, the humbucker allows a sound a little more MUSCL for grunch or punk for example, for metal I do not really know ...
I have a lil amp Coxx 60Watt with a Big Muff, and sometimes I boss throws a multi-effect and it sounds great, with all Possible Settings faudrai to have no finger to not find a good sound you like. This guitar is very versatile, double davoir makes a big sound and easy handle sound very sweet, crystalline.
The only middle pickup is a little sound ... like say ... neutral. Personally I never puts the only tjs with double or neck pickup, the sound becomes more homogeneous. I love the double in acute fishing it a little but generally all is well


It has been nearly a year since I have. Before I played on a Fender stratacoustique, well, when we pass a folk has an electric one is fun, especially a guitar like MG100 lag is very versatile, can be even more than a standard strat because of a humbucker. I test several model in the same price range as Squiers, well this guitar dominates widely, the price-quality ratio is very good. I intended to change scratch but I will still keep a moment I think, because I was like "Why change guitar?" And it was just to have a fender in addition to the handle it will come .. but this guitar is I think perfect for debuter when you know you might take taste ala muzik and want to continue a little longer without having to disburse yet o after 6 months for another guitar.
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