Lâg The Beast
Lâg The Beast

The Beast, STC-Shaped Guitar from Lâg in the The Beast series.

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ihshan 09/24/2013

Lâg The Beast : ihshan's user review

«  my grail »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I do not come back on the features, they are marked in all previous opinions, and mine is original
I regret a little lag in the middle and neck pickups, but the final two to one format handle is not so bad though fairly neutral.
M% ais I chose this one instead of a custom fitted paf pro knowingly.


the handle is great, close enough but still round, C-profile friendly. Also nice solo and rhythm. it glides well, and the key is great, so I'm usually not a big fan of maple.
It is not super heavy, but I have more light scratch, it is average I would say. Beside my thrashmaster is light as a feather, and I think my roxanne lead (yes, I'm a fan of lag)
Access to acute is very very good, I bend the last box effortless.
This is my first guitar with scalopées keys. this is a blow to take, but I was expecting worse. for it is downright insane bend easily, but taping it makes me a little weird. I still have to get used to a bit I think.


It is suitable for any style of music, so obviously mine.
The DiMarzio Tone Zone sounds great, with pretty low medium, which makes sound pretty smooth, not aggressive, suddenly in the amp where you play, you can really play all styles.
I Cantonese starting to rock and heavy, but ultimately I like it so much that I will also take to play in my thrash, it sounds divine in my peavey triple xxx


I wanted a long time, and when I had the money, I have long chosen to really find the favorite of all the beast that passed in OCCAZ.
So I paid not especially cheap (500 euros), but already from the new price is very good, and above all it sounds much better than the guitars that usually is 500 euros.
I paid a high price, because I wanted one in excellent condition, origin, with freight and nickel key. It was long but I found it more red wine, too beautiful too, while most on the market are natural.
short, I love everything about this guitar. It's amazing that as little coast, people not know what side they go, but if they prefer playing on LTD, too bad for them ...