Lâg The Beast
Lâg The Beast

The Beast, STC-Shaped Guitar from Lâg in the The Beast series.

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brui2fon 07/17/2005

Lâg The Beast : brui2fon's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I just make some remarks on this MODEL, compared Previous notice.
mine is one of the 1ST SERIES THE BEAST, n 9003 SERIES
with high-end microphones: Not to be confused with the microphones lag! nothing to do! MODEL is the same except that the micro foto:

- Handle: Di Marzio PAF PRO
- Bridge: Di Marzio Tone Zone

2 doubles 1 single, 1 volume, 1 Tone knob that is also a push-pull switch that splits both humbuckers, 5-position switch

impeccable handle end trs playable, big jumbo frets in state, 22 frets, scalloped button
heel of the neck profile for Access in acute amazing!

handle stocky, basswood body, lgre, balance, beautiful varnish, mine Submitted traces of wear and tear aging, personal lovin instruments that have the VCU, (SRV) while retant rgls and perfectly playable. or no pt '

Floyd Rose tremolo and nut block chords

with its rigid tui (briefcase) of origin, state, with some points but is not that the rle of a case?

I put 9 pasque was not either cpmaorable trs stroke of high-end AMSI report quality price is excellent! and is far better than a Fender Start US aujourdui example


This guitar is surprisingly the size of the frets, trs wide and high, touching first in first surprise is unusual. when it is done, it is no longer a problem, however, c velvet, the handle is fine, the key of good width, medium, rev els comfortable for all types of game or positions agree ...

perfect balance with good proportions, with a form that push out the body, it is no ESG to wear this instrument.

scalloped boxes on the boxes under the treble strings, c spcial .. INTERESTED because we gain comfort, AMSI touch is no longer the same. I will, s, agree with light strings, which is not my case ....

the heel of the neck profile Access in treble is awesome!

it does not dsaccorde, I pouratnt tortures worthy images with these shots of Jimi, Stevie and Albert (king), 2 tone, 2 t 1 / 2

For my part, j'utilse little vibrato, I put a hold derrire to allow the accuracy of the game in double shooting note. but by removing the rear plate, with a simple phone whammy bar, the wedge tomb and it can be used ... Another advantage of the hold, if pte a rope (not that I almost never happened ... there is no agreement con if not


With this config, it was all a big sound that a guitar START

seymour the central amne a slap on the positions 2 and 4, ideal for funk, the arpges, and even prsque of acoustics, with EQ and effect

the pickups have an output level of powerful and warm, a good blues;

c kan to a double killing, the tone zone, adcape grain and harmonics. you win a lot of gain on the amp just with this guitar without pedals need to add to Supp.

this guitar is versatile but its strongest point is definitely the big sound

with my config JMP1 Classic + 50/50 + + 4 * 12 or * 12 2X2 .... I do not prs everything I want in the styles like: rock, blues, mtal, funk, reggae .. really versatile, you can play everything, and it is the the fact ... a really reliable guitar, ideal for scne

I put the 10 pasque really I do not see what you can get better on this guitar ... ptetre microphone with more serious and less low-medium, ...


Ben, like all the guitars I had, I would not sell it, as I masi not enough money to nrachter new, must evolve as I do my stuff ....

What I have is more like it gives the feeling of being one with it, I really, any level, playing comfort, sound recognition and identification .. I was in bliss ... It was enough to gum attorneys in the 4 * 12 and I jumped around without galrer to play ...

the price quality ratio is excellent, 10 years ago these were worth the same price MODELS Start a US, then this one qu'aujourdui have doubled in price and do not sound like a good strat ....

yes I would do this choice, but tastes change and I have a Stratocaster reissue 57 japan, the lag, and I'll buy a blade ptetr california custom, masi I would like a les paul or 335 ...