Lâg The Beast
Lâg The Beast

The Beast, STC-Shaped Guitar from Lâg in the The Beast series.

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choconut 09/30/2006

Lâg The Beast : choconut's user review


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Frabriquée in France is a guitar type superstrate has 22 frets.
A micro HSS config with a DiMarzio humbucker and 2 Kent Armstrong.
The DiMarzio has exellent sound that fits well to my tastes.
The Kent Armstrong may be a bit too sharp for my taste but ca pti a quick equalizer and it's okay;)
Equipped with a floyd rose, dun saddle strings and mechanical locks schaller, it is superbly agreement
The settings are can not be simpler, and a volume knob and a selector 5 positions
Maple neck with maple fingerboard reported, corresponds perfectly with my fingers not super big


The handle is very nice and very fast, ideal for frenzied solo: p
Access to acute is exemplary, no need to bend the fingers to reach the last box.
Ergonomics are good, the guitar is balanced and fits snugly to the body.
sound good? Oh yes, a vacuum already there has been a certain warmth in the sound and once connected, it delivers a huge range of sounds and good qualities.


I play with everything from ska to hard rock to blues and metal, and in any case, it gets away without too much difficulty.
I play with a fender FM65R pti (clean sounds not too bad but distos yuck), a wah wah cry baby and a Danelectro overdrive.
The sound is very clear even in large distortions.Je mentioned above, it is a versatile wish ...
I love all sounds but I have a low pti for distortions that can produce hum DiMarzio


I use it for one week.
I like almost everything on it, no negative points (for me of course).
I try different guitars before you buy ... G & L, Godin ... but they lacked something ... all the lag is a degree of versatility over the others.
I found it was 350 euros on ebay, as you say I did not hesitate! So K / P for a huge guitar that was worth 1200 new ...
With experience, I probably do it again this election!