MH-50, STC-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard MH series.

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Darkside38190 09/05/2006

LTD MH-50 : Darkside38190's user review


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Made in Kore (LTD), 24 frets really useful for solo! Micro LH100 (ESP) in HH.
Vibrato (optional) Floyd Rose really good, very easy to use.
2 pots (1 volume 1 tone) a pickup selector (acute, grave, or 2).
Flat handle that is really enjoyable! But not as much as that of an LP


Handle very pleasant, access to acute and really easy, it goes down to the cargo without any problems 24me .... nothing to do with a Les Paul! In weight has nothing to say, when changes from a scratch on this LP really feel the difference, super lightweight, it moves well avec.Seul small BMOL ca change would rope that is not really enjoyable, especially when you put as taking the 9-46 because the tension of the vibrato and without a rope as it enters the body of the guitar so when changing the string you have to press the stem of the vibrato for up to have access to BTR REFERRED really ... not practical!

8 because of a change of rope!


... What to say .... it's an entry-level, micro home LP100 ... are they too much potato is flat at the beginning I find them really well, but I saw a real difference in an Epiphone LP standard Assayas ... the right plan is to take it for his violin, which even for an entry-level, is of good quality and change microphones for EMG or other (a prfrer even when the EMG).
With the original microphone is loud enough, so the harmonic well enough in my gout, clean ... it's not for that!

I put 6 because it is not a storm either but ...


I use it for 2 years now, first it is a very good guitar, I got hold of it and I find it thanks I move really fast, I think this guitar for beginners that have not tone deaf and can not distinguish the nuances of guitar sounds!
Uen guitar is fairly typical metal that must be used with a good distortion, this is a solo guitar (24 frets) for solos to the metallica!
Good for the price ... eh not again this ESP is super expensive 350 for this guitar ... with the experience I do not do it again! It must surely be a better guitar for the same price, all and good looking! on the other hand I plan to buy one of her big sister MH250 or more!