Schecter 006 Deluxe
Schecter 006 Deluxe

006 Deluxe, STC-Shaped Guitar from Schecter in the 00 series.

Pucelle_Dabidjan 08/15/2006

Schecter 006 Deluxe : Pucelle_Dabidjan's user review


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Manufacturer: Japan
Guitar built in core
Body: basswood, red translucent lacquer
Neck: 1 pc in Saddle, clear varnish, rosewood key, screw type 22 frets
Pitch of the instrument: 25.5 "
Bridge: Tune o matic style
Knobs: Tone 1 1 volume, 1 slecteur 3 positions for microphones
Pickups: Diamond Series Humbucker
Purchase price: Eur. 200.00 new
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Note [4] as well standard. The work is a little indoor pigs and there is absolutely nothing that dchire.

complment of 08/15/2006
1 Micro PRS Dragon II Bass
1 Micro PRS Dragon II Treble
2 cts potentiomtres with push / pull split
An orange drop capacitor
Cblage of good quality
Note [8] is not found on these guitars CHARACTERISTICS less than 1,000 euros


The neck is quite flat, it requires no special effort to be cargo properly. Its average width is, therefore, it falls well under the hand and fingers tend to find their place easy way. I complte in prcisent possde that a certain personality that is rare in this price range. The frets are well finished and do not dpassent the handle, but we can guess by touch (typical for this price range). No default between sleeve and key. The handle allows both a quick play a game while in power. The junction is not perfectly round body on my couraging MODEL (lightweight update the table). The body is beautiful and the grain of the basswood visible shows that the choice of wood this guitar had a select srieuse. Play sitting poses no problem. The quilibrage trs is good. The holding of this instrument agree me ton as it is good for this sgment. The guitar comes ready-employment (RULES so), this is a small dtail which is always nice.
The simplicity of this instrument allows for faster trs sounds DSIR.
Note that the veneer of this guitar sucks sweat quickly, and without a care rgulier, it will quickly become ugly, disgusting to see.

Complment June 20
A dtail important that I forgot to mention: the potentiomtres coren are typically in the sense that they do not have a high rev and the progressiv dernire dboule brutally . This complicates the lgrement rglages.

complment of 08/15/2006
The Electronic better quality brings a real plus in use. The action of a string t back down, and it is clear that finishing the entire length of the handle silent excellent. Reward the Owner &#39;This action trs low. Potentiomtres rglages of allowing for the use and splits indpendante are good strong points that allow the guitar to go back [7] the classification


Despite what could be said below. Whereas I do not have this schecter, "original" as incredibly versatile. This plutt an instrument that tends to rock music trends.
Let me explain ...

The guitar produces a free lgrement power but its envelope is Dfine. What is not so bad dj. The fever is tender and slightly in rear. Branch of the guitar shown similar CHARACTERISTICS.
The clean sounds are usable. The neck pickup diffuse a warm and round, with no extra power, the micro bridge is a bit clearer, more aggressive. Both compression possdent deep thunder and I do not see the characters in the draft 6th string trs yet common in this kind of microphones. When connecting the distortion, their quality join and give a powerful sound, with a semblance of depth and a level of standard attack (basswood requires). Are the harmonics and sustain is not a weak point even if it does not reach the summits. Violin making this guitar a sound Confre plutt rich bass and mdiums. I&#39;m sorry, personally, that the microphones do not offer a wider range of sounds (a little more power would also welcome t) and the guitar is dpourvue any split or even a Tone s shield for the neck pickup and bridge.

complment of 08/15/2006
[6] To my surprise, the schecter transcends itself and becomes incredibly versatile. Trs fenderiens split the prs earn agressivit once in doubles mode and offer distorted sounds rich, oil, bouillannants and balance on the violin. SETTING THE The Tone is used to control the effective trs wide range of audio microphones. Sustain overall amlior I deem as good dsormais / trs good.


I use this guitar for a week and am generally pleased with her trs.
The price of Eur silent. 225.00 which was a new 30% discount on the selling price. So I benefit from this deal.

It offers original size sounds for "new style", the punk rock riffs mchant. It should not only beginners who want a solid base to start, but the pros who want to get closer to its "Meet lespaul prs" and invest in a correct basis. For the latter, I recommend tuning in a small microphones and you&#39;re jou (I&#39;ll post a thread when the opration will end with me).

[4] All this scratching is promne average, but its sounds correct, the report qualitprix of the highest order, his ct enjoyable play and good quality overall give it a little more. The real manquo comes from electronic improved, the tenderness of a little dull basswood attack and the sensitivity of finish that ncessite great attention, which in his way of notation sup Procedure.

PS Note 5 quivaut the average home

complment of 08/15/2006
As my parents said: "APRS a good foot in the ass, was always going better." Once the upgrade is schecter trs a good guitar that&#39;s almost spot in this segment. The standard cache violin sounds beautiful and it becomes a good tool, not too bad to play [8].