Schecter C-1 Classic
Schecter C-1 Classic

C-1 Classic, STC-Shaped Guitar from Schecter in the C series.

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jokair 04/19/2004

Schecter C-1 Classic : jokair's user review


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- 24 frets
- Handle al in Saddle
- Mahogany body with table Saddle pommelbr /> - pitch 25.5 "
- Tone Pros and rope bridge traversing for more sustain.
- Grover mcaniques
- Pickups: Seymour Duncan SH-4 (JB), SH-2N Jazz
- Slecteur 5 Mega Switch positions
- ... 'Tain, it is too good!!
- No one feels that touch the quality of the wood
- Perfect finish


- Round super enjoyable (I played before on Ibanez, and I find the maneuverability of the Schecter dconcertante)
- ACCS in acute nickel (24 frets requires)


- Unplugged, the guitar sounds great dj!
- Great sustain and good harmonic

- Before I needed to put a lot of effects for a nice (and again) clear sound
now -> everything on the micro SH-2N, and no effect is happiness

Want to sound funky? And presto, you change position and you Splitt goes!

- Or, for heavy distortion, there are well diffrent notes (or strings)


The blue SCHECTER C1 Classic is the most sober. The red does not like the site and gives an impression of plutt brown ... Finally, gillou me saying he had never seen two the same color red! Otherwise, the orange is nice but a little too flashy my gout!

Otherwise, this guitar is a killer. I had fun back to my old Ibanez, but will not ...
And Dunlop strap-locks fall like butter!

CONCLUSION: for 846 euros (uh, ... gillou home), you have a hyper-versatile guitar (I play mtal, funk ...), super nice and especially not you swing 30% of for the brand (not to mention Gibson or Fender ...).
What you pay, you have it.