Schecter C-1 Classic
Schecter C-1 Classic

C-1 Classic, STC-Shaped Guitar from Schecter in the C series.

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MGR/Jeff 04/23/2004

Schecter C-1 Classic : MGR/Jeff's user review

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Local music store for $700.00

I have been playing for around 16 years and this is the smoothest neck my fingers have ever wrapped around. The action is nice and low with no fret buzz. The sustain brings a tear to my eye! Every note is heard and will ring as long as you want it to without feedback.
The looks are absolutely stunning. Not one flaw with the paint or neck. No sharp ridges at the frets. The vine of life inlay is beautiful and accents the guitar extremely nice. Everything about this guitar is great. Absolutely top notch craftsmanship. Just as good as any American made guitar on the market.

Nothing...Well I wishI could have conned the store out of a free case!

Absoulutely top notch. This is a high quality instrument at an entry level price.
More compliments on this guitars looks than with my Gibson LP or Charvel San Dimas.

An absolute must buy! I am extremely happy with this instrument. It is now my first ax of choice! Buy this guitar!

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