Schecter Omen-6
Schecter Omen-6

Omen-6, STC-Shaped Guitar from Schecter in the Omen series.

MGR/BluesmanJed 12/30/2003

Schecter Omen-6 : MGR/BluesmanJed's user review

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I bought this guitar at Crazy Horse Music for $300.00 US. I wanted a no nonsense hardtail guitar with dual humbuckers, and this was perfect.

The construction is super. Neck joint is super tight, fretwork is great, finish is flawless. The bridge had to be raised a little to get rid of the fret buzz, but the intonation is perfect. The pickups produce a nice warm jazzy tone, but will shred it up when cranked.

I don't have any gripes about the guitar yet.

Like I said previously, the construction of this guitar is super.

This guitar plays great for the price. If it wasn't basswood or made in Korea, I'm sure it could easily sell for twice the price. Don't get me wrong, though, as I love this guitar as is.

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