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The Midges 03/09/2011

Stagg S300 : The Midges's user review

«  Not bad for beginners »

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(See previous review)
Made in China (it shows)


It is a copy of strat so ergonomic and comfortable, a bit heavy but it happens. Access to acute is good but the fact that there have only 21 frets is pretty crippling. It necessarily requires an adjustment (action, harmonics, etc ...) to be playable. do it once it exceeds a Cort or Ibanez entries range but 100 € more expensive. We must also change all the strings of series. Mine has a small factory default, the D string tends to easily broken at the bridge but it's just mine: D


I play mostly rock but also punk rock and roll and blues. This is not the guitar the most appropriate to these styles but this is my first guitar and it's a gift so ... I use it with an amp and a pedal Gianninni U65 ZOOM G2.1u the sudden I can get just about any sound imaginable with stagg even so I'm not ashamed to use it on stage and I have not yet received cans of beer or tomato on stage (at least not because of my guitar ^ ^).
In his clear (and effects) the sound is crystalline but passes easily to the blues. In distortion is all rotten and that is that it requires improvement with effects, etc. ... In use one bridge, the sound is too crystalline configuration but for others it sounds OK. The unplugged sound is very good incidentally.


I use it for 3 years and this is my first guitar. However, I tried several other (mostly entry level) and it holds up especially because it is very easy to play (my NCHE is a highway ^ ^). What I like most is its unbeatable price. What I like least is the amp comes with the pack (good for the case without ever being used). The report is honest money, we can not ask too much at this price point. For a first guitar it is very good especially if it is not Croesus and I advise all who want to start guitar. But it is true that quickly reaches the limits and we want to move on other things rather quickly. The fact that the brand have a bad image does not help either but it is surmountable.