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Pacifeaste 09/05/2005

Stagg S300 : Pacifeaste's user review


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- 21 frets, 3 single coil pickups (top, middle, bridge)
- Bridge: "through-body bridge" with vibrato
- 3 knobs: 1 volume, 2 Tone, 1 5-position selector micro
- Bolt


- Channel comfortable enough (for small hands ^^)... but not great even when I've seen better!
- In acute Accs easy. Start the form is good copy, made at least one quality ...
- Good ergonomics (yes the form'...). Start
- A good sound? Ben just stay on the mic in his grave a clear will. APRS, and other pickups overdrive issue, forget!


- Nan she should not my style of music ... Normally, if you want to play Led Zep and other stuff like that, I wonder what you do here: P (actually I think be the only c ** was advised that this "thing" to play this style of Zique ...)
- I use it with a Marshall and a multi effects MG15CDR Behringer XV-AMP.
- With multi-effects I get to have a sound not too horrible in overdrive but still pretty average. Always with the multi purpose one can have a good clear sound nice but have to love the simple style microphone is - say slamming and crystalline.
- On this guitar? Well the sound is clear on the micro serious APRS is not too bad the rest I force myself not dtest (issue got I think) ...


- I use it for 6 months and I want to change dj (that's right it is not my style but good)
- Ben nor I like the shape (too classic. But it's only a matter of gots) or sound (s gots a question of, I think)
- I did not con **** of trying other guitars before (but not APRS ^ ^) that the purchase so that I very much regret this purchase!
- Asked qualitprix report is not gnial ... The violin is not great. Poor sustain. It does not take much tuning (bad mcaniques, handle that moves). The pickups are also wrong (normal for the price), they are noisy and rough rev into overdrive and they are the (bad) sound clear even in his times. Brief report qualitprix is ​​much better on a Squier or a Cort ...
- Repeat this choice? Ah! Never! Especially with the exprience and even if the style Start 'silent my style. At the same time with the exprience we will not repeat the choice of beginners.