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neop0rn 10/30/2008

Stagg S300 : neop0rn's user review


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See above


-Round classic, not to play dsagrable
Access in acute-correct form strat
Strat-form practice to play sitting, but quickly became a standing pnible, because of its weight
In 3-month slecteur dtrior was the change in position makes a noise ... pretty disgusting after a year and a half, the slecteur not work nearly over: we must tap above in order to operate the microphone, there must be a problem at the contact ... and without even using the slecteur to simulate a wah or other actions that could cause a dt deterioration early age. it also trspnible obtain accurate harmonic whistle with this guitar ... they should be even with a look and it's hard to make them sound
-A guitar that bends dsaccorde with 2 ...


DSIR-play songs over typsmtal, it is not suitable at all in my style of music ... with a more clean rglage can easily play grunge or pop rock, but not trs tips Labors ...
-I have a Vox Valvetronix, so I have some direct effects on the amp ...
Trs-it is difficult or impossible to get good sound in any style whatsoever ... it trspnible
-As I said before the whistle or artificial harmonics very difficult to ring, and the sound is awful slecteur ...


I have used it for almost 2 years now ... as I was told a friend who plays guitar on higher-end "over time you will soon feel the impact stagg"
In fact, I have to connect it 2 times a day, without EXAGRES the slecteur again, bad microphones qualitbr />, as beginners, I was looking for something not too expensive to would not give me too many qualms about wasting money if ever j'arrtais, and I did not even play, so no, I have not tried any before
She has a good relationship quality plutt to 200, the package offers guitar (no kidding 0_0), amp, bag, jack, CD learning the basics and a tuner a rudimentary wind ... so try to tune a guitar with a!
-With exprience, I used a guitar m'achterais now just go to 31 cash or barter of the island to find a fairly correct, and there are tutorials tr s explanatory makes case for how default. She does, however, trs useful for beginners ...