Vigier Excalibur Supra HSH
Vigier Excalibur Supra HSH

Excalibur Supra HSH, STC-Shaped Guitar from Vigier in the Excalibur series.

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Jean Fontanille 10/24/2003

Vigier Excalibur Supra HSH : Jean Fontanille's user review


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Guitar 100 / 100 .24 Franaise frets, HSH Di Marzio, wilkinson bridge type ball bearing and mcaniques blockages. 1 vol and 1 Tone pickup selector 5 positions. Channel 90/10.


The handle is really gniale. Trs this guitar is really enjoyable to play There's really nothing to say ... it plays almost alone it is to say .... it is dynamic trs ... it meets all the nuances of the guitar games ...


I'm really happy with this guitar trs, Knowing that I'm playing stuff like metal plutt ... http / / (http://http//www.jean-fontanille. com /)
I head plugs directly into a single correct mesa solo 50 .... and the fact ;-)) are the clear sound with trs christallin beacoup of its presence and its saturated just huge .. .
In addition to the vibrato is more agreement than floyd!! the strings are not coupeset there is no block on a rope like floyd and grain, and sustain the momentum-General for the instrument are greatly amliores.


I own this guitar for 2 years and I'm really happy ... trs I had a little problem breaking the rope intenpestif beginners but everything is back to normal ... I had many other guitars: Samick, yamaha, kramer, jackson, ibanez several including a 7-string ... Each one had its advantages and defects .. for Vigier I see only benefits ....