Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V
Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V
Amphaal 06/19/2009

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V : Amphaal's user review


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Body: Alder
Neck: Maple screwed (single action truss rod -_- ')
Rosewood Fingerboard
Frets: 22
Scale: 648mm
Pickups: 2 Alnico single coil, 1 humbucking Alnico splitable
Contrles: Slecteur 5 positions
Contrle Volume and Tone (push-pull to split the humbucking)
Bridge: Vintage tremolo

Not trust the pictures of the black and white version of 112V, the key and the head of the guitar are much clearer. His particulire form Strat guy slams otherwise;)


Then the word, very comfortable guitar debuter; very thin neck, very pleasant, without access to acute problems, not too heavy, little retuning frquent, ergonomic shape ... nickel.


This is where the drip pan is, jvous advises to buy in stores.

First having purchased the guitar in export in English there are 8 months, when the course of the book was downright sombr (current average price in France: € 250 € 180 against England oooooo) I retrouv myself with a guitar, certe grants, but not rgle AT ALL (I have never seen a handle as straight Oo Fretes touched the strings, the sound was degeu) so I started tweak the truss rod, easel and harmonics, with a few decent results prs, except for the handle ... like the handle of the truss rod is simple action, it was impossible even dessr up to have a concave handle. The original string set as the 9-42, tension n'tait not sufficient to handle bends naturally, I then changed to the 9-46 home ernie ball; its commenait become playable, but his always verged. I now plans to spend on the 10-52 or the 11-56 xD

The electronics is really bad quality knobs are really very bad notament the volume on mine (jvou not tell parasites), poorly made welds and botched little isols cables, push -Pull to split the humbucker not even functional xD Microphones ts have little prs okay for a low-end without this problem always Introduced pests; The humbucker is downright sloppy and not hotter than the neck pickup, just drinking the Tone max and only on the treble strings, the micro bridge is simple serves quasiement seen anything change the sound it makes no of the position (ah if it reduces some parasites pickup and reduces the interference characteristic simple neck pickup) and finally a few micro prs handle clean drinking but sorely lacking in personality .dropoff window

So who bought this guitar to dbuter, I bought at the same time excellent Cube 20x, which, say frankly, comes pniblement fill these gaps, but we get a good draw his in clean, overdrive and metal stack.

Appart sustain its not bad for the maple, even in 4 parts referred, and it sounds pretty good unplugged ^^


His six months must break everything I use my faith and it is a good guitar dbuter, thanks to its level of confortabilit and Superior nimporte finish what guitar this range view even above. Unfortunately, after the comments I've read manufacturing quality has DGRAD over the months, and feels especially on the default Recurring electronic ... low-end guitars is well, with and without microphones faibliards personalit but thanks to a good filled the beginner will override. For me the report qualitprix is ​​unbeatable (180 € the guitar: P) but would be more jme tourn to a model dowry expressive pickups and a mahogany body, but that price is the be found xD