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Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Yamaki Custom No.125

    Yamaki Custom No.125 - "An excellent vintage Japanese acoustic guitar" has images


    Overview: This guutar's full name is Yamaki No.125 Custom Guitar. It was manufactured around 1975, but is not anymore nowadays. Stucture & Appearance: - It is a well-made guitar with top solid spruce, making its sound better over time and wit…

  • Larrivée D-03

    Larrivée D-03 - "The Last Guitar You'll Ever Need"


    I was shopping around for a new acoustic, something used that I could pick up for around a grand. I already had Too Many Guitars, but I was gassing for something different. I already had a Blueridge BR-140, a Guild D-120CE all-mahogany and D-140CE s…

  • Chaser WS 500

    Chaser WS 500 - "Chaser 500" has images


    I know it's a Martin copy but with medium Martin strings my guitar holds it own with most any thing better than a Taylor or tak it's warm and punchy in the tone department I've put an active m1 on it and have a que of people that are waiting if it's…

  • Yamaha FG800

    Yamaha FG800 - "The Best Deal in Retail Acoustic Guitars" has images


    The Yamaha FG-800 is Yamaha's upgrade and replacement for the FG-700s, the best selling acoustic guitar of all time. They changed the bracing so it would have deeper bass. Now it sounds more like a Martin and less like a Taylor. I don't think it's…

  • Eko Rio Grande VI

    Eko Rio Grande VI - "Great vintage guitar" has images


    I use this guitar for finger picking - but it sounds better being strummed. It has a mellow tone. It is somewhat less loud than some other guitars. But it is quite loud enough. The cool things about it are that 1. It is a prettier guitar t…

  • Guild GAD-F40

    Guild GAD-F40 - "Handcrafted Solid Tone Woods superb sounding OM" has images


    I wanted an OM style guitar to have along with my Santa Cruz Tony Rice Dreadnought . Now these are hand made in China, actually hand made, and use all solid tone woods, Mine has Sitka spruce top and flame maple back and sides, like I said no laminate…

  • Walden Natura D610T

    Walden Natura D610T - "Good instrument"


    I'm a strummer/picker. Got that out of the way. This model is discontinued and no longer listed at the maker's website. From clues about other of their similar models and what I see myself I draw the following conclusions about the woods: Standard…

  • Silvertone F hole, arch top/bottom

    Silvertone F hole, arch top/bottom - "Saving Sylvia" has images


    When you have an arch top/bottom f-hole all laminate guitar you're not looking for big booming sound so get used to it! Sure, it's a cheapy Sears Silvertone but I have a love affair with it. Has a beautiful sunburst, a great looking guitar even tho…

  • Cort L450C

    Cort L450C - "This amazing guitar!" has images


    I use the guitar primarily for picking, as I dont use a plectrum. However, like everyone, I also need to strum a little. I play up and down the neck in a variety of styles, but this little beauty loves, and I mean loves, playing blues style. The s…

  • Dell'arte leadbelly 6

    Dell'arte leadbelly 6 - "Dell Arte Leadbelly 6 String guitar"


    Awesome Guitar. Well worth the money. Beautiful. Well made and Beautiful Fit and Finish with Quality Woods. I want to BUY this 6 String Dell Arte 6 String Leadbelly Guitar. Please Contact me at donsjohns@yahoo.com I want this guitar. Please contact…