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Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Sigma DR-7

    Sigma DR-7 - "Sigma DR-7"


    I had a Yamaha and wanted a guitar with a sweet rounded sound to it. I traded in the Y and added cash to purchase this DR-7. Total purchas price was about $250, about 15 years ago. I have compared it to many manufacturers..even Martin and prefer …

  • Martin & Co D-15

    Martin & Co D-15 - "Martin Martin D15"


    I wanted to upgrade my acoustic guitar, and my test-playing search lead me consistently to the Martin D15. In music store after music store, I played all the available selections, as well as the Martin D15 if available, and time and again it gave me …

  • Washburn D10S

    Washburn D10S - "Washburn D10S"


    Bought it at a local music chain store, paid $300 with a hard case. Including tax license, dealer prep, a new set of strings, and the optional white sidewalls. I have small hands, so I love the thin neck and low action. The sound is nice and even, a…

  • Seagull S6 Cedar

    Seagull S6 Cedar - "Seagull S6+ Cedar"


    I got this off a music store owner, who happens to have the same left-handed curse that I do. It was used, but he took decent care of it and the cedar top has aged well, producing a nice warm, mellow sound. It's listed at $350 if new, and I'm not mad…

  • Seagull S6 Cedar

    Seagull S6 Cedar - "Seagull S6 Cedar"


    I purchsed this guitar at Long and McQuade in the winter of '96. It cost about $400 (CAN) I think that for the price this is a great guitar. I have played freind's guitars which cost a lot more and not liked them nearly as much. It has a nice rich t…

  • Seagull S6 Cedar

    Seagull S6 Cedar - "Seagull S6+ Cedar"


    This guitar was purchased at H.E.L. Music in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.The price was $399 CDN. The way this guitar plays is the most impressive thing. The action is very low, there are no dead spots and the guitar stays in tune, even with har…

  • Yamaha F310

    Yamaha F310 - "Yamaha F310"


    I bought this guitar myself at A music store named "Sobers Music". This is my second guiar. I boght this guitar becouse my first guitar was no longer playable. I paid $199.99 for this peticular guitar. I like the sound qality of this instrument. It…

  • Fender GC-23S

    Fender GC-23S - "Fender GC 23S"


    Well Once upon a time back in 1964, I owned a Silvertone acoustic and kept it for three or four years, till my brother decided to make kindling out of it. Well I never forgot that but anyway, he gave me a slightly used Fender GC 23S for Christmas thi…

  • Martin & Co D-18

    Martin & Co D-18 - "Martin D-18"


    I inherited this guitar from my guitar pickin Uncle who recently passed. I figure he is up there pickin and grinnin with Chet and the boys. This is the best built acoustic guitar I have ever seen. There are no flaws in the material or the construc…

  • Hohner HW220

    Hohner HW220 - "Hohner HW-220"


    Went looking for my first guitar at a Rochester, NY area guitar shop (Stutzman's Guitars), and bought this one at the salesman's suggestion for $100. That's less than half what I had expected to spend that night. This guitar is everything I need …