Audio-Technica AT8022

AT8022, Stereo microphone from Audio-Technica.

Lapincanard 04/12/2010

Audio-Technica AT8022 : Lapincanard's user review


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Ambiance, Reporting


Over a year

Recently: Audiotechnica AT 820 (still in use, but older model, which has seriously changed ), Rode NT4, not to mention pairs

Very very good output level, outstanding "return air", Separations of L/R not too defined, excellent and impressive ability to separate planes (close, distant). Great maneuverability (size and weight, used in micro camera and comes with XLR / XLR and XLR-minijack).
Much less sensitive to wind than NT4 (which is terrible on this point) and handling noise.

With windshield, handle, and Rode PG2 (Dead Kitten) it is a truly formidable all-terrain tool!


Inexpensive, but compares well to microphones of much higher cost.