Behringer Composer Pro-XL MDX2600
Behringer Composer Pro-XL MDX2600

Composer Pro-XL MDX2600, Studio compressor from Behringer in the MDX series.

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houseboy 10/01/2012

Behringer Composer Pro-XL MDX2600 : houseboy's user review

«  efficient and Cheap »

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compressor with sidechain rack (I used to make house / electro to "sidechainer" instrumental parts of the song.


very complete and very simple. yet he must know how to set a compressor, which requires some experience


for the live electro based mpc and synths, I send all beats and vocal samples on a bus from the console, which passes through the compressor and the sidechainé kick. this is a bit basic but it allows for potato live. I have a 2nd to compress the overall mix. and it does its job.


I use it for several years. I have tried other low-end models (alesis, AudioPhony) and plenty of vst, LA2A emulation and other CL1B .. at this price, all we can ask what is a comp that works quite accurately, which keeps the potatoes without browning ... passqu'on can not expect a color type CL1B for 100 €, but rather an effect "fm radio" .. the behringer suits me perfectly for sidechainer or compress a mix.

It is neutral and is suitable for the compression of sound. for voice recording, choose a model tube.