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tyler core 01/23/2008

dbx 166XL : tyler core's user review


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150 times worth remembering that these details are found in the manual or tlchargeable resellers ...

Only dtail I do not really like, but with which one learns easily live: No button on / off (can be another hallmark of DBX found on other mod the most expensive).

VU had a little nitre t nice to compare the output level with that of ...

But given the difficulty of putting more on the faade, I Tolra ... as the main sound quality, flexibility and robustness of the machine.


Used mainly to gain momentum only to change the sound. And it does plutt well.

Without going into dtails, there are more suitable compressors situations than others. Ms. compressor trs premium, if t could dcevoir some poorly chosen. Because quite often it is more expensive, the more typ ... a bit like cars.


The sound is clean trs, may be even be a little too much.

Some are not transparent enough, which I find ridiculous since before the compression is done really feel, even when it is necessary to go a little in the excs level rglages ... it is also the concern of the compressors in these price ranges: the lack of grain.

APRS when I read that the compression is felt even too much, I think these people do not know what a LA2A or 1176 o the sound is really most striking about the pump ... they may be they need a behringer finally (you turn the knobs and you always feel be bypassed until the time for the source).
Transparency is good, but too much not to make money and SAVE ...

In short, trs matrisable compression, a small lack of personality when looking cratifs effects on a battery or bass.
Contour button quite effective and the function OverEasy.

The peak limiter is quite efficient and relatively transparent.
The expander / gate when he is much better than I could use on aircraft of this price, but not as flexible as it should be ... and in this case it is better to be vigilant about the sources of isolation by optimal placement of microphones.


For those who do not want to ruin it's really a good product, reliable and well thought out.

This is a good camera to learn to use a compressor, as it requires to really get the rglages to get out a good rsultat. Trs instructive when searching, you can really get out of pretty things (personal, bass drum and snare and supercharged gain roundness).

A ct of I has an optical compressor circuit with a Class A lamp that is more musical but ultimately less flexible.
For a more pro, I think it belongs in a toolbox, as if they have another compressor to sound more color to broaden the possibilities.