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stamkorg 12/28/2010

dbx 166XL : stamkorg's user review


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Analog compressor


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Used on a console soundcraft M8 for 2 channels.
Easy to use, it is an effective compressor through the automatic functions of management and attack and release mode overeasy "apparently typical of DBX.
It's my first compressor, so I do not really have a point of comparison.
My settings: ratio 3 / 1, Threshold set to be a reduction of 5-6 dB in loud and gain to 5-6 dB and OverEasy engaged and attack / release in the car. No audible noise live. It is a subtle voice and it's put forward without being aggressive.
Here, I use it only in this application and lightly, but the difference is clearly audible.
I would do without hesitation that choice if I were to resume this type of material.