Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X
Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X

Distressor EL8X, Studio compressor from Empirical Labs.

U-FLYstudio 07/05/2008

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X : U-FLYstudio's user review


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110 dB dynamic
bandwidth of 10 Hz over 150 kHz


Simple and cozy, it is quite close to the spirit of the knobs Input and Output of 1176, enjoyable, trs good connections, the machine comes back on the last rglage performed thanks to the orders numriques machine. one senses here a detection circuit trs efficient and modern.


The sound is impeccable, even if on a whole mix of other stars of the genre seem more comfortable on the solo instruments, rhythmic or bus is of a versatile incredible round tantt and powerful ratio of 2 / 1 to attack with 3 and a bit of release, up percussive sounds trs "ssl comp" with a 10:1 ratio of an attack and a release of 6 4 for example, brief is a kind of super compressor always lese and gives a sense of comfort to the signal, it's actually hard to make something that does not ring a Distressor ds when we Exceeds the 6 dB gain reduction! go ahead! put it in the yellow!
it is for me the most bleuf (comfortable!)
do not hesitate in tapper is a machine that needs to work to give color, do not be small arms, often the size of the knobs indicates the philosophy of the manufacturer, if just one millimtre on one of XL4 EQ with rotary beautiful little while to change Whereas the curve of the signal, it must go merrily with large knobs of Distressor is an enjoyable machine has! it is in the kitchen Auvergne in endoscopic surgery! trs as well and it has, especially on a compressor!
Mylen has, the machine is excellently well calle, (input, release, attack and output) the choice of a real "input", who does not work as a threshold, but as a "leveler" is determinant in the concept of the machine, this the very close of 1176 and allows a large variety of work of the signal. especially with a possibility of comparison of the original signal with the bypass off of any REALLY SETTING THE machine.

the british mode gives a beautiful color with release 10, but you can rduire done a bit to go in a corner of a 1176 base used! (Attack of 4 to 6 release for example on a ration of 20 / 1 or "nuke")

the only tiny complaint would not have forcment innovative personality as a Fairchild 660, a 1176, a LA2A etc ... in their time, but the compression curves are now so well known, prove, mules it is difficult to imagine a tural originality in a modern Shma!
trs we know well today with a little back what are the curves that work and that sound and are in fact Distressor!!


At the current price EL8-X version, in my opinion the best Q / P of the market!
it's also by far the most versatile.
one of the best machines built dernires ten years! rare! trs rare!
contemporaint especially for a device and not a repetition of mythical product of the 60's.
How intelligent design!
a kind of super compressor - Multi curves - Hardware / no plugs !!!!!!
the intelligence of both worlds, two eras with a tural efficiency.