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Norrin 09/29/2003

FMR Audio RNC1773 : Norrin's user review


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It's a Really Nice compressor but it is basic. Stereo (not sprable) between side-chain.
Threshold / Ratio / Attack / Release / Gain

As a bonus mode Supernice to treat mix.

In normal mode the doc says it is shuffled to a peak and rms. And it rather as a kind of hardknee rponse.


Use super simple. Except peuttre Really Nice mode is not always emptying. The rglages indeed have the same effect more. This mode is expected to approach several compressors in cascade. To the ear I notice an immediate effect of the more massive whatever the rglages, APRS it seems that the shell acts on a time range longer bcp, which peuttre pigeux ...
We must therefore "investigate" this mode if you want to use it

But otherwise good in normal mode is a "no brainer". Compression is effective trs, it happens even Squash its envelope with at least


The sound quality is excellent, I write this opinion DCID just having found a new rglage that makes it all too well. His silky, soft, warm, gives some mid / high recordings to digital and virtual sounds that lack svt badly (or sounding an aggressive way). A tool of its nobility!

Rsultats also good on instruments like guitar and bass.

In short I like bcp ..


I've had a lease now, because I had bought on Analog Heaven they say bcp good, and elsewhere on the net too. Well I pay a bit expensive (= Customs VAT), but I do not regret it.

In less positive I would say may be no noise gate or limiter mode DDI (but just put the ratio donf) ...

Last dtail, it is always small so we can take him easily.