Danbei 09/19/2014

Audio-Technica ATH-M30 : Danbei's user review

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I use them for sound recording and listening on the move.
Comfortable enough for short times, but if you listen to them too long, you ears get really hot.

Pretty robust, I usually take them along with me and they are still in very good shape. Their weakness are the cushions, which get damaged right away.

Very pleasant sound for easy listening. The low mids are way upfront and they lack some very high frequencies and deep lows. Fine for recording. Bad for mixing due to their lack of precision, especially in the low mids, and balance, they are flattering, making them a trap.
I gave them 7 for the listening experience, but if they are intended for mixdown, I'd give them 4.

I would buy them again...Actually I might buy another pair soon!