Behringer HPM1000
Behringer HPM1000

HPM1000, Studio headphone from Behringer.

HarlemKid 12/03/2012

Behringer HPM1000 : HarlemKid's user review

« Ideal for those on a budget »

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The HPM1000 is single corded but the cable is not detachable.

The price for these headphones are a steal, they are currently $10.00 but the legitimate worth value of these headphones are from the $40-$80 range.

I'm not an audiophile but these headphones replaced my recently stolen Beats By Dre Solo HD. They do a decent job, they aren't like the beats but are way better than ear buds. When you play music at a full volume you cannot hear surrounding sound, only your music. But as all headphones do, they leak sound.

If these were to break I would get these again, they are great for DJing and Mixing (although they don't rotate or swivel). The 8ft cord gives you a lot of room to move around and does not constrain you.

The only main flaw is that these headphones are not for commuting, they are strictly for mixing/djing purposes.