Prodipe Pro 580
Prodipe Pro 580

Pro 580, Studio headphone from Prodipe.

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Libertopanik 07/19/2014

Prodipe Pro 580 : Libertopanik's user review

«  It is a headphone ... what! »

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At final you've got a headphone, although for the life of every day but forgot if it is for pro use, long or styles or bass is a honor ...

This report is a quality headphone / average price because it is available for most of the time
For use in the long term it is the horror!, The atria takes hot and if you have small ear it hurt for a long use.

Bass are dirt poorly described but you do not have a hair on its quality pro.

It is relatively hard solid plastic, the only thing I changed is the cable because it is very poor quality and not very solid.

it is 2-3 years I Depis owns and change cable nothing, no loss, no breaks, no short gresiments it is solid except the wiring.

it is very versatile for everyday music, rock, pop, funk, etc. variety. when we want to spend a warmer style rap or techno trance or bass is important it is not the best nor the PRO side.