Prodipe Pro 580
Prodipe Pro 580

Pro 580, Studio headphone from Prodipe.

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philrud 12/19/2012

Prodipe Pro 580 : philrud's user review

«  Pro? Said for pigs ... »

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My headphones: beyer DT770, HD540référence sennheiser, AKG K26p a small sony "in ear" then I listened to the Sennheiser HD201. Frankly breakfast at 20 euros HD201 is nice, never aggressive side of the Pro580. (Without change)

Price / quality ratio = I dare not speak.
Why this headphone is given free upon purchasing another: to sell stocks sleeping and did not sell?
And some (not AF) say it is excellent: no, this is a joke?
Aggressive quality: 90%: prepare the tube seals Dolip kind 'for Prodip'.
In my humble opinion, the concern could come technicos commercial directors, which impose requirements engineers, otherwise there is to worry about whether it is at school ...
Dare call it the Pro '... Do not miss cheek! We paid our head, we take for pigs ready to swallow everything: not Mr Prodipe is not how it works trade ... missed a product, it is known quickly.

I made a small tutorial to improve what can be: it is better to change: we find the bass, treble and mid back. I was even surprised by the bass drops bas.Finalement well, it may not be so bad this headphone, but with the mod, I just propose.Je compare with my Beyer 770 and well he is doing what Pro580, but with the mod ' . because without modification, as sold: 3 times non.Avec modif ', I is 6/10.
I would appreciate the advice of those who have made the change ...