Sennheiser HD 200
Sennheiser HD 200

HD 200, Studio headphone from Sennheiser in the HD series.

fjohn 04/05/2010

Sennheiser HD 200 : fjohn's user review


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Purchased randomly from Baker in 2003 there. Before other equivalent model in the series, but who are easily degraded. This one has to resist just about anything. Amazing quality, I'm not very careful and angry, sometimes the headphone flew against the wall ...

The cable is replaceable (the min. For a good headset).

Listening is not absolutely neutral, not bad so far, but I will use it to mix more since I moved to MK240, significantly more accurate, flat and comfortable.

Big downside is closed with a bp all that this entails, but the greenhouse system sennheiser head is unbearable and painful. After one hour, you can more. Accouphènes of mine who is, I can add that whenever I put pressure on my ears I revived my accouphèbes (exactly like when you clench your teeth very strong), Pb I do not have the AKG ( Although it is a semi-open).

headphones for DJ and sound recording in a pinch, you can listen to music on it at a pinch but it is not clear why. Audiophile sound engineer and budding, go your way ...