Sennheiser HD 200
Sennheiser HD 200

HD 200, Studio headphone from Sennheiser in the HD series.

tinou01 08/03/2005

Sennheiser HD 200 : tinou01's user review


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I use the headphones of good quality for over two years, and for my part I am satisfied with TRS. I had some problem with false contact connecting headphones mini jack connection to him even, I changed it and since all is well ..
is a pair of input range, which fulfills its role: her breath almost no color, trs acute low acidity, enjoyable round in the bass, but be careful it's not a headphone prvu to support volumes trs trs lev (notice the big Dj scne, it is better to look elsewhere!). For those looking for a closed headphone go your way, it is a semi closed.
Its main strength is its lgret even after 4 hours of studio, or a mix of home remains comfortable and does not hurt the ears. His little point "low" is the longheur wire there is a tendency to walk on it, but once accustomed it is known to l.. But also the saturation of low importance where the headphone is pushed trs high volume .. otherwise the sound is clean trs, intruders are clear .. (bliss).
I also use a headset sony mdrv 700 for accessories and mix, but also the HD 25 is a trs trs good product for the studio and mix with several kg's a cot. quality price ratio there is no better, eyes closed if c'tait again, I do it again! I put 9 because of the saturation quite quickly in a noisy environment.