Sennheiser HD 600
Sennheiser HD 600

HD 600, Studio headphone from Sennheiser in the HD series.

jls42 01/18/2005

Sennheiser HD 600 : jls42's user review


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I ais since November 2004 (it's been three months). I chose ais APRS many opinions and ic (among other things on AF) and also because it was in the promo that time (229 instead of 300 to 500 show some mag)
I board made a quick test in the store comparing other headphones of the same brand and other brands.
Dj trs is comfortable (it takes all the ear). In the long run it is a little on the head (at the ear, a little below). But there is no pain, we feel it does not impede.
I use stereo headphones instead to listen to my CDs without gn my neighbors or my roommate.

Since I use it every time a rvlation. It is devilishly analytical means everything, be it dfaults, or vice versa perfection. It remains trs equilibrated in the spectrum: low dynamic lgre, clean, warm. Submitted Mdium and clear. Acute crystal-clear, not shrill. Short as happiness. Each headphone costs with this transports me into the universal musical j'coute. My exprience is too small to say whether there is better, but personally I am more than satisfied.

As I Dissais a little higher is analytic trs. He does everything out is a guide that tells you the there it costs. But it does not COST a purely analytical. He knows how to keep a balance between musical and analysis. I re-discovered my albums. dfault heard many, and seen new things (it allowed me to hear instruments that you hear is gnralement Lorqui a focus). It's a real rvlateur but emphasize that the mix does not put forward.

It is expensive, but quality level .... it is perfect for me.
I would do without this choice problem, I finally bit full cost of music.