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  • Yamaha MSP5

    Yamaha MSP5 - "My faithful and tireless speakers"


    I needed something better than my hi-fi system to make electronic music with my PC! I was looking at classified ads but a musician friend of mine recommended me the MSP5, which were on sale. An important point for me back then, and still today, is th…

  • ADAM A7

    ADAM A7 - "Crisp highs, clear mids, humble bass."


    The Adam A7 was the second little brother (only surpassed by a 5 inch smaller one) in the adam monitor family. It has a bass exhaust port in the front, a (you guessed it) 7-inch speaker cone and the ART tweeter that is the trademark of Adam Monitors.…

  • JBL LSR305

    JBL LSR305 - "Very good!!!"


    I ordered them based on the reviews and, especially, the brand's reputation, but also due to their small price! I use them as classic monitors with a small hercules sub that I will change shortly. SOUNDS They are surprising due to their clarity,…

  • JBL LSR305

    JBL LSR305 - "Very good!"


    I was looking for small monitor speakers that were faithful enough and a good value for money. Pretty standard features: 2-way (5" + 1") near-field active speakers Power: 41W + 41W Class D amplifiers Max. SPL: 108 dB (C-weighted) Frequency respo…

  • Dynaudio BM15A

    Dynaudio BM15A - "radio interference - behaves like a tuner" has images


    I was motivated by the reviews and technical specification. But I regreat the buy. The radio frequency that I’m “catching” is a FM104.1 MHz. SOUNDS The radio frequency that I’m “catching” is a FM104.1 MHz, in my right monitor. I have send emails t…

  • Yamaha HS50M

    Yamaha HS50M - "Pure, Unbiased Sound"


    I needed a good studio monitor to fit on a smaller desk. My main studio is limited in space and I was careful to find smaller monitors that would still deliver a perfect sound. I went to a local music store and a trusted salesman told me I won't find…

  • Behringer Truth B1030A

    Behringer Truth B1030A - "Clear, decent sound"


    Behringer Truth B1030A are powered monitor speakers with a 1 inch dome tweeter and a 5.25 Kevlar woofer. They are equipped with a balanced XLR port, 1/4 inch TRS as well as unbalanced TS and RCA connections. They have switches for adjusting the high …

  • Equator Audio Research D5

    Equator Audio Research D5 - "Excellent Mid-Range "


    The D5s are powered monitors with a design that you don't find on many low cost speakers. The tweeter and woofer are combined in a single driver. They're quite compact, very sturdy and they fit nicely on my desk. Each speaker isn't heavy, weighing ro…

  • KRK RP8 G3

    KRK RP8 G3 - "Natural Sounding Monitors"


    I previously had two sets of monitors and just wanted a third pair because I love speakers, so I got the KRK Rokit 8s. Before purchasing them somebody warned that these may be too much for a bedroom producer like me; the guy was absolutely right...bu…

  • Dynaudio BM5A Compact

    Dynaudio BM5A Compact - pebbonnet's review


    Active speakers with high-pass and low-pass filters that you can set to + or -3, 6 or 9 db, if I remember correctly. Near-field, in my view you shouldn't use them more than 6-8 ft away. For professional use. They are somewhat limited for use with m…