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Subwoofers user reviews

  • DIY Subwoofer Passif

    DIY Subwoofer Passif - " Powerful and compact"


    I did make a pair (in hp precision device pd12sb30) a few months ago to see what gave ca I have not been disappointed with the result, the caisson are only fairly easily, to compare I owned a sub705as RCF (active), it is well above the mth30 in te…

  • APG TB215S

    APG TB215S - " Excellent powerful and lightweight casing"


    a friend of mine uses the boxes for about 1 year I saw full turn brand box Ev px2181 yorkville tx9s das audio aero 218 L Acoustics Matterhorn vega sb 28-36-ab c etc most: power 2300w aes two 38cm weight is 55kg and yields 104dB spl 143 dB peak an…

  • Electro-Voice Subwoofer G 118

    Electro-Voice Subwoofer G 118 - " TOP Purchase! THE brand EV Pro!"


    Used for 1 year and a half with the tops of the same series (G115 2 channels). 400 W 1600 W Rms nominal peak! I have 4 rooms and 2 tops G115. Driven by 2 with 1800 W Rms 4 ohms, and it knocks it takes! Quality: Powerful, accurate and not aggres…

  • Nexo LS 500

    Nexo LS 500 - " Beautiful bass, little kick"


    A very good sub for music with a nice bassline. The bass is very prominent (very clean) to the detriment of the kick. Too soft blow to techno and the like. …

  • Cerwin Vega JE-36CX

    Cerwin Vega JE-36CX - " Very Huge"


    How long have you use it? I use them for two days Have you tried many other models before buying it? yes I have already try TSB and AudioPhony my view has totally nothing What is the particular feature you like best and least? what I l…

  • Nexo LS 1200

    Nexo LS 1200 - " ca collides with a new Boomer"


    I used the last one month three times a week for evenings in room 300 m2 with two heads 450 w rms amp with two filters the box is cut to 120 HZ 140 HZ sometimes all depant style zik generally electro woofer is new n 18 401 rcf of the neo box repainte…

  • DAS Avant 18A

    DAS Avant 18A - " Good product!"


    I use it for just over 1 year now and I am very satisfied with the product, I have 4 that jassocie with speaker 15 "from DAS and no problem when we pushes his fader sends as prvue !! I do a lot of little concert and ringing round, warm enough. …

  • Hornplans marc.o MHB-46

    Hornplans marc.o MHB-46 - " patator a box"


    How long have you use it? .... since 2010 Have you tried many other models before buying it? yes a little bit of everything in BR enclosed pavilion BPH - BP4 and BP6 in fact it is the first hybrid boxes that I have What is the particular featur…

  • HK Audio PR:O 18 Sub

    HK Audio PR:O 18 Sub - " Just perfect!"


    I have two Subs HK Audio PR: O 18S powered by an amp Behringer Europower EP2500 of 2x750Wrms in 4ohms. I have since July 2013 inside for services up to 500 people. I also made a provision outside. Nothing to say performance issue, I am fully sa…

  • Hornplans marc.o MTH-30

    Hornplans marc.o MTH-30 - " a small bomb"


    I have make a pair of c boxes on a map that can have you on the site hornplans this little box tapped horn and really good punchy sound has a wish with a yield close to 101 db. the box when finished weighs 21 kg with precision devices 12ps30 hp …