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Subwoofers user reviews

  • Audiofocus MTSub218

    Audiofocus MTSub218 - " Super box"


    I used two since January 2013 has coupled S115Mk2 Audiofocus Amplified by a QSC RMX5050 (before going on the FP6400) This is an impressive box! A powerful and dynamic bass! The default I would say the weight (90kg) and size! but it's still the…

  • B.corde Chiltone CG7-S118nd

    B.corde Chiltone CG7-S118nd - " Perfect"


    Purchased KIT, see my opinion on the satellite speakers CG7-100M Easy to assemble with wood glue quality and quantity, ratchet strap, paint undercoat, Warnex finish .... The plywood allows a rigid and lightweight housing. Placed on a tray on whe…

  • Crest Audio CP 18 Sub

    Crest Audio CP 18 Sub - " very good box"


    How long have you use it? one week Have you tried many other models before buying it? RCF GHOST Peavey What is the particular feature you like best and least? the + with good control is achieved very good bass is still amazed at the…

  • Electro-Voice PX2181

    Electro-Voice PX2181 - " surprising"


    This announcement comes as a complement of the previous on the fragility these boxes we climbed (product stopped) very often discos with amp advocate by ev (cp 4000s) that 2x1400w all night at full capacity we do not see a major problem …

  • the box TA 18

    the box TA 18 - " Heavy but good"


    Bought used a year ago, I needed a sub to complement a pair of SX200 Elecro-Voice (12 "), to play the piano bar on a large outdoor terrace for the summer season. The machine is awesome, very heavy, probably too big for my use, no corners or wheels,…

  • Nexo LS 500

    Nexo LS 500 - " good"


    The low light does not bleed with power processor I have 4 …

  • Cerwin Vega CVP-121X

    Cerwin Vega CVP-121X - " Good Sub purpose Requires a powerful boost"


    I have been using this since march 2012. This is a big heavy sub All which Requires Equally big and heavy amplifier to drive it - I made a mistake due to budget limitations. The sub Itself is very well built and Will happily be driven hard all night.…

  • DIY Subwoofer Passif

    DIY Subwoofer Passif - " One thing to say: Wow!!"


    I built 2 FCR LF12G301 and I was really amazed by the low it emerges for the 12 "!!! Very punchy bass! I use 120 Hz with an active filter Behringer CX 3400. I got for just nearly € 200 per box (Sub, glue, wood carpet etc ...). I do not regret what is…

  • Hornplans marc.o MTH-4654

    Hornplans marc.o MTH-4654 - " heavy"


    box on a map therefore be mounted or even a carpenter I was 4 fully equipped with the recommended hp (rcf LF18G401) I filter 33Hz to 100Hz and I can tell you that his thrives and low down its sub c really matter …

  • DAS Avant 18A

    DAS Avant 18A - " very good but not below (normal)"


    Hello, If you want to get out of infrabass with these boxes, you squeeze it! still need to know that type of fonts box below! DSL cons say but DAS 18 BEFORE sending strong and good!!!! THE sound and SEC and Accurate and w are the 750! no just below…