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Subwoofers user reviews

  • Turbosound TXD218

    Turbosound TXD218 - " excellent"


    How long have you use it? benefits first and frankly with the bomb Have you tried many other models before buying it? yes ElectroVoice dynacord workshop ...... 33 What is the particular feature you like best and least? the most serious…

  • Hornplans marc.o MTH-46 VS

    Hornplans marc.o MTH-46 VS - " quality and performance for less than 500 €"


    How long have you use it? -Week Have you tried many other models before buying it? - I had KoolSound (sub65 and V-sub) blah see not terrible the Wharfedale (lx18mb) its march already very well I also work with Mackie Swa1501 / nexus LS120…

  • Cerwin Vega P1800SX

    Cerwin Vega P1800SX - " Very sastifait"


    I use it for a week, I bought two subwoofers and two P1800 P1500 pregnant, before that I had HK Audio, Yamaha, EV. I love the easy side to carry because I am mobile DJ and quick to install, now I tested on three services, two indoor and one outdoor…

  • Fertin Son & Light MRH 31 mkII

    Fertin Son & Light MRH 31 mkII - " heavy, congestion report unbeatable power ..."


    I use it recently, I already had other models before, RCF TTS18a (good but cumbersome and not only transportable), APG TB115S (ca beats good), the MTH30 (DIY) ... even if the mrh31mk2 is equipped only with a 12 "as MTH30, ca has nothing to do wit…

  • Exekut Acoustics KAYA MK215v3

    Exekut Acoustics KAYA MK215v3 - " Very HEAVY!"


    How long have you use it? I purchased 4 copies in February and after 8 and a test drive in the "lab" of the designer, I would do it again! A Home at the top and then fuck it severe bangs! Have you tried many other models before buying it? T…

  • Cerwin Vega AB-36C

    Cerwin Vega AB-36C - " Thunder!"


    How long have you use it? Its going to be two years that I use 4 of these flags. Have you tried many other models before buying it? Audiophony and Wharfedale. What is the particular feature you like best and least? Goodies: - The …

  • Audiophony CB215

    Audiophony CB215 - " it boosts!"


    I use it for a year, no problems noted, solid. I tested a bit all kinds of brands JBL, RCF, Cerwing Vega, Turbosound, etc ... but much too fragile or expensive for the cb 215 produit.Aavec I did have was disappointed but I think a filtering is requir…

  • Audiophony CB115

    Audiophony CB115 - " it grows well!"


    2 curve more appropriate amplifications, it rolls pretty good! Well-rounded and enjoyable no unpleasant noise. Lowest it knocks it! Ideal for my mobile sound everywhere, no inconvenience so far! Sound up to 500 people, it does, beyond you need to ref…

  • Hornplans marc.o MHB-4818

    Hornplans marc.o MHB-4818 - " heavy!"


    I use since October 2013 I took it out 3 times never disappointed! I tried a dozen boxes that the front and it is without doubt the best by far ... I especially try 4pro8003as home rcf but also significantly outperformed. Plus: the very strong …

  • Hornplans marc.o MTH-4654

    Hornplans marc.o MTH-4654 - " This is a tapped horn audio bomb"


    I use it for one week I built myself respecting the letter marc.o plans on its website ... well I've never heard a sub bass that hit as hard as that is to descend down in frequencies. the sound is super clean, I fed with an amp t.amp Proline 3000 and…