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Friday’s Freeware: A1StereoControl

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A1Audio / Alex Hilton A1StereoControl
News A1Audio / Alex Hilton A1StereoControl

Surround Sound/Spatialization Software from A1Audio / Alex Hilton

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Alex Hilton, aka A1Audio, offers Mac and PC users a plug-in that will help them manage the stereo during mixing and mastering.

The A1StereoControl allows for reducing or expanding the stereo of individual tracks, groups or a master bus with a single control. And to avoid low frequency issues that can be generated when expanding the stereo field, a Safe Bass algorithm is included to center the low-end under a user-defined value in the middle of the stereo field.
Last, the plug-in offers multiple options to place the signal in the stereo field: an Expert mode includes various “pan laws” (0dB, –3dB, –6dB), pan curves (linear, logarithmic, sinus/cos) as well as classic Balance and Dual Panning modes.

The A1StereoControl plug-in is currently in public beta phase, it is available in VST and AU 32/64-bit on Windows and Mac OS X.

You can download it for free from a1audio.de/index.php/a1stereocontrol

Have a great weekend!

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