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jplesaint 07/21/2003

Access Music Virus C : jplesaint's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This model says desktop, so a board packed with acne, fully midifiable rack and can be found via a kit, for example at Thomann for about € 40.
was about 700 sounds in the machine, but a patch can pass faoire 1024 sounds, and many patches on the site Access offers something fun, but I have not had the opportunity of try ... Distortion, phaser and chorus to die for, delay and reverb (more approximate) for the effects, the machine is typed electro and acid, but can be used for many other things (in my case. )
Everything seems to be editable via MIDI and MIDI sequencer + interface is more than necessary for backups and to simplify your life.
Of OS updates are arranged and frequent site of Access.
6 outputs, two configurable inputs (not tried yet.) Midi in / out / thru and roll my chicken.


Configuration and publishing (not used to keyboards), is a bit complex when you have to reach into the bone (especially as my manual is in English because it bought in Germany ...) but still quite intuitive , and the many knobs can not be too much damn paws.
the manual for Englishmen IS clear goal for frenchies like me ....


Oulala, sound is something to fuck a pair of speakers ...
original patches are very techno, hardcore, acid, but as everything is editable, you can do what you want (ft. avé no ch'veux ossi Fe c'k'on seeing it.)
Velocity response to nickel.
monophonic sounds are terrible, the arpeggiator kills ca makes you want to spend an hour listening to the finger stuck on the keyboard with a smug smile, a little dork ...
all sounds "classical" type piano, guitar or organ are very average, but it is not an expander is a synth and what is the synth my coconuts ...
And since everything is editable ...
j'vé puts' DISS disse ce tell'men tro of the ball, mekton.


I did a month ago, really have not yet entered, but I am buying my midi interface for editing computer because no computer virus is like a grandpa, without grandma, or as a omelette without eggs, or as ...
The best feature is the sound, of course.
The weak point is perhaps the instructions in German and in English when you buy it in France, but that, I guess that that is the fault of Access ...
I tried the Korg ms2000r (MDR), indigo II (same software), the Nord Modular, but no computer, so do not know what he gives, the Moog Voyager (Ahlala!! The craft. ..), the Nord Electro (mouais. ..), the vintage pro (he's cute ...), and the supernova, but I failed to make it work!!
excellent value for money, and I would do the same choice.