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anti-pod 06/05/2007

Access Music Virus A : anti-pod's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
A Virus
256 internal sounds
256 users sounds
There is a specialized version of SoundDiver either as an independent application or as a module for SoundDiver.

There are no extensions (except commercial patch made by Rob Papen, among others). Plethora of sounds are available on the blackjack site with superb access patch Matt Piccone that show the magnitude of the sound palette of the Virus.

The effects of this model are reduced to their simplest form: mono delay and chorus / flanger. The above models are equipped with multi-effects, but I prefer to rely on external effects.

Connectors: 3 x 2 outs and a stereo input = cool.
PM: One in and one out that can be configured thru.


I think the general configuration is simple, but at first it is not clear to navigate the menus to activate functions that are not accessible from the front, but in fact after 1.5 years of use, I find that menus are fairly well structured and you'll quickly get its brands.

The fact that all controls transmit MIDI controller is excellent and does not "creative process".

A small problem, however, the ergonomic Virus A, the change of hand is not practical because it is often necessary to scroll through all the menus to the parameter unit (you can select the sound edited). A parade possible: Configure the Virus for the change of controllers is transmitted without midi synthesizer and transmitted directly to change the active track on the sequencer so that controllers are routed to the active part of the sequencer.


This synth fits perfectly with my style of music (Psychedelic Trance and Ambient, dub).
I find it very versatile. We create patches easily typed with a subtractive sound of hell, but "under control" in relation to a real analog (I think including the parameters Punch, and the choice of the initial phase of oscillators for creating patches of pure bass very well defined).

I found him sound a little neat even if it can generate sounds well destroy. We must consider it a synth sound that creates perfectly clean but with the possibility of causing defects by the LFOs and other modules and thus give the sound a bit random behavior can be more alive.
This must be the filters that are very sharp and precise. The FM oscillators is terrible. I regret that the LFO can not ascended to the frequencies in the audio because it opens a lot of channels (must be said that just before I got a Doepfer MS 404 that has LFOs that tear at all). Otherwise, it can produce electric keyboard sounds friendly enough and there are patches of Hammond organ style really cool (it looks almost samples ...).
For fans of pads, it is a treat, especially with the two filters. Moreover, these two multimode filters that can be put in parallel or series are really the strength of this synth. It really makes the mixing or creating original patches.


It is, in my opinion, the best synth I've tried (with my late K2000). This is my main synth and I do not resell! However, I will append a good companion for another grain of its available! He has a hell of potato. It's been 10 years since I started to fiddle with synthesizers t I tried a lot of equipment. I found a salon in 1997 when it was released but 14 000 F at the time I could not afford it. I find that even the nine is excellent value for money, it is built like a tank.