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Big Job Head 07/23/2007

Access Music Virus A : Big Job Head's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Numrique synthse subtractive synth.
desktop version
-2 Oscillators (128 + PWM waveforms) + 1 sub-oscillator (sine or triangle)
FM modulation
-2 Multimode VCF-(lp, bp, hp and Notch) switchable SERIES in parallle or split.
each filter has an envelope ADSTR (T for time: Chutter or can increase the level of the envelope more or less quickly the level of APRS sustain or reaches)
-3 Faade including 2 LFO, which can be trigg and / or follow a budget
-3 Effects: distortion, chorus, delay.
-2 Assignable knobs paramtre any (internal or pm)

cot 6 output connector is possde jack and 2 between
midi in and out (out on being able to be switched through)
External power supply

ditable out is on and the great majority bte in faade.
ditable also by SoundDiver (There is a free version dedicates to the virus)

in short all you need is at hand when you need it


The simple congiguration From the time one would know a minimum synthse.

and if it does not know the manual is the tutorial to learn the basics of synthse (I said the basics and not synthse).
speaking of the manual, I find it quite well. all functions and menus are dcris (normal for a manual what!).

if there are two main menus on the virus
the edit menu for the edition of patches (third LFO, effects, etc ...)
Control menu is a menu of configuration of the virus.
These menus are long (there is a shortcut to go faster) but are organiss and we finally found it fairly quickly.


The sounds are nooooormes!
it is typical electro sr rev (that was done at the same time).
the bass is monstrous and trs Defines well, the leads can be gronn wish, and the flat sheet, short love.
He would go out trs well as in the sounds grimey well (without going to the lo-fi or even when noise).
I personally did a lot of drum'n'bass and it fits perfectly my synth music.
it sounds great for all "conventional" in electronica: trance of the hardtech spoke via new wave and ambient.

ngatif big point is the lack of effects, only three had a fair bit (especially when you want to make good ground poles, LFO is a while but good). it's nice to add a multi-purpose derrire (although I used raw for a year without worries).


I use it for a year and a half.
c'tait my first synth hardware.

I tried others before as ks rack, alesis micron, or groovebox with friends (mc909, EMX1 and rs7000).

Virus sounds heavy and greasy, not a analog and does not sound like a prtention analog but it sends a sr: heavy bass and powerful, sharp Leads , tablecloths tripe, what more?

OK this is good "that" the virus A and the audio engine then t (yet) improving but I think a great synth to learn synthse or when no too much to afford a monster numrique (so silent yet there is not that long ago)

is the kind of machine we do not want to sell, except to buy the above MODEL (what I did: once you taste there ^ ^)

given the opportunity cte: report qualitprix excellent.
I would do without this choice hsiter