Denon DJ DN-S1000
Denon DJ DN-S1000

DN-S1000, Tabletop DJ player from Denon DJ.

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pierreblc91 10/17/2010

Denon DJ DN-S1000 : pierreblc91's user review


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I used two since then about 8 months (bought a friend who had last year).

Pioneer CDJ800 CDJ900 I try CDJ2000, Denon DNS1000, DNS1200, DNS3700.
So I did not try other brands as Pioneer and Denon (which are apparently the reference).
Level of use:

The pros: The very specific on pitch bend buttons, tags, mp3, fast reliability dial to search for music. Very useful from the Pioneer CDJ800: 2-line screen, which lets you see the time and the track at the same time (personally I find it a bit Gnant have to switch from text mode at time 2 times by music during an evening!)

The -: The jog unusable bend (okay, there are pitch bend buttons), MP3 VBR reading: we must think convert mp3 VBR CBR, if not platinum gre bad sound (not put the time remain, impossible to hit the pitch at the bend, you can not cue session can (once stopped, it must qq platinum seconds to reload the music). Finally that of - that can be pricks ...

The unnecessary: Effects: Personally, I use the effects on my table that I think are better grs; The scratch: what is the intrt scratch jog on a 8cm diameter? I personally do not use it, but it is true that the sound from scratch is rather beautiful. (Amateur scratch, go DNS3700 is standard).

Always use level, there is also something that changes a lot of pioneer: the cue buttons and play with a stroke of several millimeters, not even 1 mm cons for Pioneer, but it was not until a habit (it's true that prefers those pioneer but a dtail).
On the rest:

The pros:
- The sliptats, it's funny.
- The size: very small, super portable, super convenient (+ for mobile disco).
The -:
- Size: made toy, not necessarly pro (- for KKS).
- The slipmats: made toy (they're crazy it's funny).
In terms of quality price, I did not know better from his replaceable denon DNS1200 which includes more port Ethernet, USB, and a pitch or 0.02% 0.05% (against 0.1% for DNS1000) but hey same 0.1% has put a bit of time to DCAL.

With exprience with my current budget, I REFERRED Obviously this choice, but if I had more money put in the plates, I think that certainly I will pioneer a poorer quality price but when that is even more intuitive and much easier to mix (more specific on more attending (even a bit too))

&%&%&% &%

APRS my exprience, quality price!

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