Denon DJ DN-S1000
Denon DJ DN-S1000

DN-S1000, Tabletop DJ player from Denon DJ.

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Audiofanzine FR 12/16/2010

Denon DJ DN-S1000 : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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Originally written by pierreblc91 on Audiofanzine FR.

I've been using two pieces for about eight months (I bought them from a friend who had bought them one year before).

I also tried out Pioneer CDJ800, CDJ900, CDJ2000 and Denon DNS1000, DNS1200, DNS3700.
I only tried Pioneer and Denon (which seem to be the reference).


Pros: very precise pitch bend buttons, tags, mp3, fast, reliable, music search rotary knob.

Cons: jog cannot be used for bends (which isn't too bad thanks to the pitch bend knobs), VBR mp3 files must be converted into CBR mp3 since the unit doesn't like them (no time hold, pitch/bend not adjustable, no repeated multiple Cue. Finally: only cons you can avoid...

Useless: effects (I prefer the my mixer's effects) and scratch (scratching with a 3" jog is no fun). Personally I don't use it although the scratch sound is rather good. (scratch fans: give the DNS3700 a try).

There's a noticeable difference with Pioneer products: the Cue and Play buttons move several mm instead of less than 1 mm on the Pioneers... it's all a matter of habit (I personally prefer the Pioneer solution).

Other features:

- The slipmats (are fun).
- Dimensions: very compact, easily transportable, extremely convenient (+ for mobile applications).
- Dimensions: looks like an unprofessional toy.
- Slipmats: same comment (but they are fun).

As far as I know, no other product can beat this regarding value for money, except for its successor, the Denon DNS1200, which adds Ethernet and usb ports, pitch shift @ 0.02% or 0.05% (0.1% on the DNS1000).

Based on my experience and considering my current budget, of course I would buy it again. If I had more money, I would probably go for a Pioneer, even although the value for money is not that good, the use is more intuitive and mixing is much easier (with more precision).