Pioneer CDJ-800
Pioneer CDJ-800

CDJ-800, Tabletop DJ player from Pioneer in the CDJ series.

MGR/The Pioneer CDJ-800, for real precision! 02/15/2004

Pioneer CDJ-800 : MGR/The Pioneer CDJ-800, for real precision!'s user review

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I purchased the unit from a local music store (Steve's Music) in Ottawa, Canada for 879.00$ CDN +Tax.

First off... The price of the original Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD Player is way more expensive than what most DJ's are willing to pay for a product of this nature. This is the ultimate alternative.

The Pioneer CDJ-800 gives you almost all the features of its big brother (the Pioneer CDJ-1000) at a fraction of the cost. It also gives you a few new features not found on their other units.

Here are some of the highlights:

- The automatic measured looping buttons are a very effective way to create the perfect loops as long as the bpm is properly calculated with the bpm counter.

- The digital output actually allows you to use the pitch control (unlike the CDJ-1000 that sets the pitch to 0 in digital mode).

- The new "Quick Return" feature lets you set a specific cue point and automatically brings it back to that initial point everytime you start scratching (a very useful feature for the trickster in you).

- The "Master Tempo" is not laggy like it's competition. Pioneer definately sports the tightest algorithm out there. I've tested almost every brand available and this one really shines in that aspect!

- The one touch reverse button lets you create amazing tricks and helps you decode songs with controversial backwards vocals.

- It reads all formats of cds I tried (up to 24x burns) unlike the Pioneer CDJ-3000 dual unit which gets real picky, stops, and gives error messages. They seem to have fixed that bug quite well.

Here are some of the very few things I disagree with:

- CD Text is not supported with this unit.

- The only pitch control ranges available are:
(+/-10%) & (+/-100%) It's a shame they didnt include (+/-6%) & (+/-16%).

- A tap button should have been installed to correct any wrong bpm count.

The construction of the unit is perfect in every way. The look, the buttons, the feel, the layout, the size (which is more compact than the CDJ-1000). Even the smell of it is appealing (as it gets pulled out of the box for the 1st time). It's surprisingly lightweight and it really looks like it's built to last. It's an all round sexy machine!!!

So if you are looking for a good solid and precise cd player, accept no imitations. The Pioneer CDJ-800 is the piece of gear for you!

I've been DJ'ing for 12 years and I've worked with almost every piece of gear out there, this is by far my best purchase.

Try one out at your local dealer and see for yourself, you won't be dissapointed.


Jamie Cronk
"DJ Jamie C."

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