Technics SL-DZ1200
Technics SL-DZ1200
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sh4rp 08/16/2004

Technics SL-DZ1200 : sh4rp's user review


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Hi All, I am the happy owner for 1 week with a pair of Technics SL-DZ1200, and I give you my heart Premire impressions on the product.
You STRP your ... here we go here we go!

First, we must know that I spend time rfractaire t 'ct the dark', since I use the SL-1200 MKII for 10 years now, and they give me Obviously many full satisfaction.
But I realized the obviousness, if sizes such as Laurent Garnier itself are mixing more and more rgulirement CD, play productions by young artists in club for instance, j 've seen my intrt to play my own tracks too.

I. Prsentation gnrale

Say anything, it's hard-Technics. Ms. matrial that 'classic' SL-1200, same height, same foot, same pitch button ... it is not dpays.
The central screen is legible ... even if the plate is laying flat.
I will not hang out on the subject, we know o support, even without reading the manual.

II. Ergonomics

This is probably the most important. Anyway this is what I most feared.
As Deejay House / Techno, I'm not a 'performer'. I do not Scratch. Me, all I want is completely stalling the drive and not m'terniser above. When it is cal cal APRS and all my work is done on the mixing desk.
And I have mixed feelings. No dception, but a little while of the same.
Well, nothing wrong on the set, arpond the finger and the eye as it is the same as the analog MODELS.
But my big frustration comes from two things: Premire the 'felt' that is placed on the Palteau.
There is a lightweight 'game', and especially a slide too! It has nothing do with a vinyl on a real felt.
But if n'tait as a. ..
The worst is to come: WHAT IS THIS ???????? PITCH
Nan does not care but littralement us or what?? O is pass the 'hardening' of the legendary Technics pitch?
Believe me, I'm pretty remont designers to l. It's simple, it has the same feel as a Denon, for example ... It is too flexible, and we go 5 times longer stall the drive ... and this time the pass it would prfr grind the mixer according to the crowd ...
And I'm surprised I even touch the plate to wedge the beat 'as a beginners', as did 6 / 7 years since I hold more 'than pitch' ...
Big dception this niceau-l.

BUT, not everything is black. In fact, we must 'relearn' stalling the drive is everything.
Cal because once you have the enjoyable sensation (as opposed to analog) not to have reset the Moreau then. Yes numrique oblige! It's true what, who never fail a little bit on the pitch because SL-1200-that 'it's like a'??

Little info important it is rather longish to load the CD ... and yet I only used the CDDA, not the CD with mp3 on it ... Finally it's like a, it is fast with and who is not a Drang.

III. Effects, loops etc ...

I will not be the goal trs above, almost nothing because I tried this level-l.
But I quickly glimpse the effects 'Vinyl Sim' and 'FX' is a bit useless when even ... But hey it's not what I expected either to the plate so for me it's not a serious fault.
The balls etc ... I will try soon. But it's not my thing.

However, I frankly found it excellent reverse in real time, the comings and goings is very well situated arpond is instinctive and really in the timing, well done!
Auto-Cue is also very practical, even if you have to press a little too long down the 'Remain' to enable ...

IV. Personal opinion, conclusion

Well ... it must be clear, Technics has released a product really tough. Does this justify this price? Well I think it's too expensive 20 25% even when.
Now, once one gets into the skull that the pitch has NOTHING to do with the true SL-1200, and we agree to change their habits, well, we see that it's really trs prcis.
And you'll love all the touch plate identical to it vritablement THE SAME as the vinyl. And that's the basics.
Small bet? By 2 / 3 years, all clubs in Pioneer QUIPS not leave my opinion on the MODEL Technics, reputable requires ...

Well, I leave you, I go back I !!!!!!!