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TC Electronic user reviews

  • TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive

    TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive - "Bland OD"


    TC Electronics has been around for a long time. They are not that popular among guitar players but they have a wide range of effects they offer. The Mojomojo is supposed to be kind of an old school overdrive pedal. The pedal certainly has old school …

  • TC Electronic SCF Stereo Chorus Flanger

    TC Electronic SCF Stereo Chorus Flanger - "Nice pedal"


    This is one of those chorus flanger pedals that can do both things at once. These are very high quality products and the voicing of them are of the best standards in guitar pedals. This pedal from Tc Electronics is one of the first introductions that…

  • TC Electronic Corona Chorus

    TC Electronic Corona Chorus - "Great pedal"


    This is a pedal that has just come onto the market. TC Electronics have been know for their excellent effects rack units such as the 2290 or the G Major models. These units have served many artist and musicians around the globe. Now Tc Electronics i…

  • TC Electronic G-System

    TC Electronic G-System - "Awesome unit for the right user"


    Great unit here! Lots of effects and options here. Legendary choruses, delays, reverbs, and more. Unit can be interfaced via USB to edit patches on your computer, as well as for firmware updates. The unit has a unique feature that allows it to be use…

  • TC Electronic G-Major 2

    TC Electronic G-Major 2 - "Great effects at a silly cost!"


    The G Major 2 is T.C. Electronics 2nd iteration of their well known and used digital effects processor. It features -Insane palette of digital effects, from your usual chorus and delay, to numerous other outrageous sounds -Sturdier front panel desig…

  • TC Electronic M300

    TC Electronic M300 - "Great efx unit for small price"


    On this unit you get a bunch of reverbs, a bunch of delays, phaser, chorus, flanger, compression and a de-esser. This is one of the nice things about this unit, it has analog TRS 1/4" , SPDIF and MIDI in and out connections. This is a blend of Anal…

  • TC Electronic PolyTune

    TC Electronic PolyTune - "Great Tuner"


    This is very simple to use. Just plug it in, strum all of the strings, check which ones are out of tune, tune 'em up, and continue playing what you were playing. It can do tuning all the way from E flat to B standard, and is accurate within +/- 0.5 c…

  • TC Electronic G-System

    TC Electronic G-System - "Jack of all trades...."


    Multi effects box/floor controller...that lets you use 9 build in effects simultaneously. Has 4 external loops with 9 volt power supply to use your own stomp boxes with it. And an insert loop for easy integration with amps with effects loops or pre/p…

  • TC Electronic PolyTune

    TC Electronic PolyTune - "Every pedal board should have one..."


    The Polytune is a stomp box size tuner that lets you tune your guitar or bass either in the conventional way. Where you can select the display to function like a strobe or needle chromatic tuner. Or as a polyphonic tuner where you strike all six stri…

  • TC Electronic TC 1128

    TC Electronic TC 1128 - "The best EQ on the market"


    Way back in the 80s or 90s, TC Electronic released their amazing 1128. This is a digitally controlled analog graphic EQ that's ridiculously transparent. It's MIDI-able and footswitchable. These units came in various configurations, so the actual s…