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the box user reviews

  • the box PA 302 A

    the box PA 302 A - " TB 302 A PA"


    Good value for money it has been over a year since I have them and they are efficient (power: 300 + 100 watts) ideal subwoofer with RT 18 I would do the same choice without eSite. …

  • the box MA 150

    the box MA 150 - " Raport excellent quality / price"


    Firstly, I would talk about this return as drum sound, in fact, I used to amplify my Yamaha DTXplorer only at home (no concert or another for now). I use it recently, since it is fairly recent. I had already tried other models, it gave me a 30w a…

  • the box MA 150

    the box MA 150 - " good material"


    Using depui February 2011 Very good value q / price I would do without this choice problem. I am part of a group of 5 musicians, and we joun on stage with these returns, which give us satisfaction. They are effective, the settings b / m / t and…

  • the box TA 18

    the box TA 18 - " OK but not great!"


    I use the T18 (liability) for 2 months. I tried sub homemade listening to a lot of sub brand in the evening. First, the finish is correct without more: Event not very smooth, paint scratches easily, no corner protectors and wool acoustic stapled in…

  • the box CL 115 SUB

    the box CL 115 SUB - " The Bos CL 112 SUB Very good product"


    I just made a first party with an amplified SUB The Box CL 112 coupled with 2 Orphean 1001 (the head of 10 inches. Nothing to say small ultra-compact sub, the sound is fine. For small contracts of 50 persons: Perfect For contracts of about 100 …

  • the box PA 302

    the box PA 302 - " Very good speaker if it is well done!"


    I speak in this opinion of the speaker PA302 passive, unamplified. I myself am a sound engineer by profession, I work with all types of facades L Acoustics, D & B, Nexo ... Because of their very tight budget, I bought 6 PA302 with a Crown amp for …

  • the box PA 110 A

    the box PA 110 A - " Good value for money but HS after 3 years"


    I use them for 3 years, for concerts, especially back in front and sometimes for very small places. Previously I was using and (I always) returns or Martin Audio Nexo, excellent for good scenes. But they are expensive, heavy and not suitable for very…

  • the box CL 108/115 Basis Bundle

    the box CL 108/115 Basis Bundle - " I love it"


    good stuff for a very good value for money …

  • the box PA 202 P

    the box PA 202 P - " Sounds good!"


    Hello everyone! So here on AF it's a lot of noise on active PA The Box. Everyone spoke well but I did not want active speakers because I already have a good amp, Crown XLS 1000. I was looking for passive speakers of reasonable quality without ruin…

  • the box CL 108/115 Basis Bundle

    the box CL 108/115 Basis Bundle - Dj T'Vad's review


    For how long have you been using it? I use this pack for over a month now, 5 or 6 evenings. What thing do you like most/least about it? The +: price, low quality, the service distance selling Thomann exceptional ergonomics, ease of use ... The -…